ARIS system

ARIS — is a methodology and a group of software products for a structured description, analysis, and improvement of enterprise business processes and organizational structure, preparation for information technologies implementation, controlling of business processes, and risk management. ARIS software products occupy leading positions in the world market in the class of enterprise architecture modeling and management tools.

ARIS system is used at all stages of the cycle of work on the creation and development of business: when working out the strategy of the company, transformation of key business processes and organizational structure, cost management and monitoring of business processes, implementation, and support of information technologies

ARIS Connect is the server "core" of the system, available as a cloud and enterprise version. ARIS Connect is designed to store content created by ARIS Architect | Designer modeling tools. Also, ARIS Connect is the main system administration tool that allows managing users, access rights, and portal customization.

At the same time, ARIS Connect is a corporate web portal to access the created models. It not only allows you to view the content but is also equipped with powerful tools for interaction with the team of analysts and process owners - you can comment on the models, create change requests and reconcile the processes.

ARIS Architect | Designer is the main tool for creating models and content. The module can be installed locally or used as a thin client. In addition, ARIS Designer can work as a browser version, in that case, the installation is not required. The modeling tools in ARIS Architect and ARIS Designer are virtually the same.

The main difference between ARIS Architect and Designer is the functionality for content management, system and meta-model configuration, management of users, and their access to content. ARIS Architect allows you to manage the created models, (create versions, consolidate objects, etc.), adjust the configuration of the system, and develop reports from the system, such as job descriptions and standard operations procedures.

ARIS Process Governance (ARIS APG) is a tool for process management and communication with process owners and participants of processes. It consists of two components - the workflow development environment, which is part of ARIS Architect, and the runtime environment, which is available to users via ARIS Connect.

ARIS APG works as follows. In ARIS Architect, you design the workflow of the process you want to use for interaction, such as a change approval process. The development environment prescribes the sequence of steps, notification templates, and screen forms then publish the process to the server and make it available to ARIS Connect users. The APG manages the published process, allowing it to be launched, creating tasks for users, sending messages, and keeping statistics on all collaborative processes.

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